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The purpose of this site is to give teenagers a place to find answers to all of their questions.

Due to the almost infinite possibility of questions teens may have, we will never have the answer to everything here, but if you have a question we do not have here yet, all you need to do is ask and it will usually be added within a week. To ask a question, you do not need to give any information about yourself, not even an email address. If you do provide an email address, we will send you the answer as soon as possible, otherwise, just check back here for your answer in a few days.

What kind of questions and answers will you find here?
There are currently only about 30 questions and answers here, and a few questions with no answers, but more will be added as requested. The subjects are just about unlimited. Currently included are, dating, hygiene, pregnancy, puberty, abuse, diseases, relationships, family matters, and jobs. The questions are split into 3 categories, for males only, for females only, and for everyone. If you don't find your question answered here, just ask.

Apparently there was a little bug on this site for quite a while. It prevented the questions and answers from working. Nobody told me about it and I haven't had time to work on the site so never noticed until now, but that bug is fixed. The questions and answers are now back in operation and more questions and answers will be coming soon.



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